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Collection of posts and extended pieces on education and support services for adult Australians studying in VET

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All about what I discover as I work and study in this field of Australian adult foundation skills & practices development – including eduction & training, best practice and government policy.

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Three questions for VET foundation skills support services


This three-part piece looks at three questions related to foundation skills support services in Australian VET. The aim is to assist practitioners in their understanding of their roles, the complexity of issues and the historical background of the field. This piece uses past literature to investigate the three questions, although this should not be considered to be a literature review or encompass the entirety of literature on the subjects. Whilst these questions are posed, practitioners will realise that answers are not easily forthcoming (or even provided).

‘LLN’ is dead. Long live ‘foundation skills’. Maybe


This extended piece focuses on the use, absense of use and mixed use of the term ‘foundation skills’ in government documents, highlights potential uncertainties for foundation skills support services in Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) as a result of these inconsistencies and presents a call for action to provide clarity for all involved.

Meet Justin

I’m Justin, a teacher of foundation skills and practices at the Learning Skills Centre of Holmesglen Institute, Melbourne.

Along with teaching, I research the adult foundation skills field and publish my findings on this website and social media channels.