‘LLN’ is dead. Long live ‘foundation skills’. Maybe.

Since I started working in the field of VET foundation skills support, I have often been confused by the various terminology … and I’m certain I’m not the only one. To get to the bottom of it, I had to look back into government/research documents to see where the various terms and acronyms came from and how they were used. To be honest, I’m still somewhat confused.

This investigative journey cemented my uncertainties related to my role, such as which skills need to be added to Training and Assessment Strategies, which need to be determined at/before Pre-Training Reviews/commencement, which skills do I support students with and why is the all important ‘learning’ skill of the ACSF rarely mentioned??

I’m publishing here what I found out in the hope that what I’ve written can provoke some discussion and create more clarity for everyone involved. To really do this, however, I believe the federal government and all the state and territory governments need to get on board my ‘call for action’, engage with industry professionals to define and communicate what ‘foundation skills’ really mean today and iron out the inconsistencies and uncertainties.

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