The Found Support Project

Advancing foundation skills support services in Vocational Education & Training

Beginning in November, 2019, The Found Support Project is the personal research and advocacy project of Justin Hayes, foundation skills support teacher at Holmesglen Institute, Melbourne.

The project is for all involved in providing foundation skills support services to learners in Australian RTOs … and, most importantly, … for the benefit of the learners themselves.

Its aims are to

1. Conduct research into the position of foundation skills support centres within the operations and culture of Australian RTOs, whilst advocating for a more central position

2. Conduct research into how effectiveness of foundation skills support services can be identified and reported

3. Conduct research into best practices of these services

4. Disseminate research findings to RTOs, governments and relevant agencies and organisations

5. Advocate for increased standardisation of these services across Australian RTOs

v4: Jan 2020

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‘LLN’ is dead.
Long live ‘foundation skills.


This extended piece focuses on the use, absense of use and mixed use of the term ‘foundation skills’ in government documents, highlights potential uncertainties for foundation skills support services in Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) as a result of these inconsistencies and presents a call for action to provide clarity for all involved.